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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fun Poems for Kids

Here's a list of poems posted on this blog. Most of them have a Christian theme, although some of them are really just a bit of fun. They also vary in length from just four lines to, well, quite long. I hope that you (and your kids!) enjoy them.

The most recently added poems are shown at the top of the list.

My Little Paper Aeroplane
Whilst in my hands I pray for help to shape your wings just right;
'Cause one day soon the time will come to launch you into flight.
... [4 lines long]

A Little Song
A little song, one summer's day,
Came floating past my ear
... [8 lines long]

The Feeding of the 5000
I looked round about and saw lots of mouths
That needed all to be fed
... [48 lines long]

I ran and ran and ran
So fast
... [5 lines long]

On Psalm 23 and Being a Sheep
I found out one day, in a Psalm about sheep
That to feed them and lead them and help them to sleep
... [46 lines long]

"S" is Very Hard to Say
I think that "eth" ith thomething that ith vewy hard to thay
I think that "S" is something that is very hard to say
My tongue jutht thort of doethn't theem to thay it the wight way!
My tongue just sort of doesn't seem to say it the right way!
... [24 lines long]

The Snowman
If you've a snowman as a friend,
Then I think you're around the bend.
... [32 lines long]

Seventy Times Seven
If you have a friend who's done something to you
That's hurt or upset you or made you feel blue,
... [96 lines long]

Mine is Fine
Mine may not be fine as thine,
But ... his may not be fine as mine
... [4 lines long]

I rushed this job and made a mess;
It made my mummy frown.
... [4 lines long]

What Will You Be?
People often ask me and say:
"What will you be when you're big?
... [8 lines long]

When time was still very new
When time was still very new
And God hadn't yet turned on the sun
... [46 lines long]

I'm a Little Butterfly
I’m a little butterfly,
Flying up and down
... [8 lines long]

I've got my Daddy's measuring tape
It's a funny sort of thing
... [31 lines long]

If God looked through my window
If God looked through my window
And watched me while I played,
... [24 lines long]

Is Love a Banana?
I've thought about it and I've thought about it
But I just can't work it out.
... [48 lines long]

Deity of Christ
Sometimes I wonder
Just how can it be
... [4 lines long]

Start Your Day in a Happy Way
Start your day in a happy way –
Don't grump and growl and groan;
... [28 lines long]

Imagine Forever
Imagine a hand as small as your thumb
That can hold up the earth and light up the sun.
... [26 lines long]

Well, that's all the poems that are available here for now. I hope you enjoyed them!

While you're here, I'd really appreciate it if you would spare a moment or two to add a comment to let me know what you thought. I know time is precious, so no problem if you haven't got time, but even just a few words would be helpful and encouraging for me. For example, you could let me know:
  • Which ones you (or your kids) enjoyed the most (or least!)
  • Is there any specific topic that you would like to suggest for me to write a poem about.
  • And so on...
I look forward to hearing from you :)

Also, don't forget that you can email this page to a friend if you know someone who you think would enjoy them.

Thanks and God bless :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these, I haven't read them all just a few, like the feeding of the 5000. Please keep up the good work!. Cause these are great alternatives for the usual nusery rhymes which sometimes meaningless, or horrid! eg..when the wind blows th cradle will fall and down will come baby and all! GASSSPPP!

Mark H said...

Thanks for the encouragement - I certainly do plan to continue to write more of them as and when I get the time. Glad you enjoyed them. I may also see if I can get round to putting some of them to music as well as is a bit more normal for nursery rhymes.

God bless,

Anonymous said...

These are great! What a blessing to find someone who is using their talent to glorify God! Keep it up. You should seriously think about getting these published if you haven't already. I,for one, would love to be able to buy a book of Christian poems for my child (and myself)!

Mark H said...

Thanks - glad you like them :)

I have considered the possibility of getting them published, but haven't really followed up on it as yet - maybe one of these days!!

cattyw said...

I love your poems! I'm going to be visiting your page for poems to use in school. Keep on writing:D


Mark H said...

Thanks - I do intend to keep on writing more when I get a chance. Actually, there's a few more that I haven't posted yet - I must get round to doing that soon...

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your poems. I am hoping my daughter can read Seventy Times Seven for her school UIL event. Thanks!

Mark H said...

Thanks - glad you enjoyed them :)
Your daughter is very welcome to read any of them - I hope it goes well - maybe you can let me know how it went afterwards? :)