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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Copyright Stuff

All content on this site is copyright (C) by Mark Henning (the author).

However, while it may be presumptuous of me to think that this is a possibility, it occurred to me that you may be interested in using the content on this site in some way other than just reading it here.

So, for that reason, permission is granted for you to use the material here for non-commercial purposes (unless it is content that is from another source, in which case the relevant copyright owner's terms will apply). If you do reproduce anything from this site, please, if at all possible, indicate where it come from ("Mark H : blog.DelightInLight.com" or something like that would be great). If it is on a website, then it would be even better if the attribution was also a link to this site.

Some examples of things you can do (should you want to) include (for example):
  • Print out a copy of something (e.g. one of the poems).
  • Print out multiple copies of something for a Sunday School class or similar.
  • Watch a video / view some pictures / read out a poem, etc. with/to a group of people (for example during a church meeting) - as long as you are not charging people for it, of course!

However, please don't republish any of my content (e.g. copying it and putting it on another site or publishing something from here in a book/magazine) without checking with me first to see if it's ok. If in doubt add a comment to this post asking for a clarification and I'll let you know it what you are intending is permissible.

Note that there permissions are not perpetual and I reserve the right to revoke or change them at any time either in general or for specific cases.

Thanks :)

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