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Monday, April 28, 2008

"S" is Very Hard to Say

This is for Abigail (aged 4) who is still learning how to say her "S" and "R" sounds.

It's written as it should be read - "S" replaced with "TH" and "R" replaced with "W". However, because it gets a bit tricky to follow when written like that, I have also included a "translation" for you under each line.

I think that "eth" ith thomething that ith vewy hard to thay
I think that "S" is something that is very hard to say
My tongue jutht thort of doethn't theem to thay it the wight way!
My tongue just sort of doesn't seem to say it the right way!
I'm thuppothed to thort of thay it with my tongue behind my teeth
I'm supposed to sort of say it with my tongue behind my teeth
But my tongue jutht thort of wiggleth and popth out underneath!
But my tongue just sort of wriggles and pops out underneath!

And even if I get it, I often theem to find
And even if I get it, I often seem to find
That although my "eth"eth are "eth"eth,
That although my Ss are Ss,
My "ar"th are left behind!
My Rs are left behind!

Tho when I thay "I wan and thplathhed and thwam into the thea"
So when I say "I ran and splashed and swam into the sea"
Or "Wothie'th wipping wotheth up to make thomething for me"
Or "Rosie's ripping roses up to make something for me"
Then people theem to thnigger and twy to copy me!
Then people seem to snigger and try to copy me!

It thometimeth maketh me thort of bluth or feel a little thad
It sometimes makes me sort of blush or feel a little sad
Ethpethially when I'm twying to thay a nithe thing to my dad.
Especially when I'm trying to say a nice thing to my dad.

But I know they not being nathty
But I know they not being nasty
They jutht like thound it maketh
They just like sound it makes
And they know that I'm jutht learning
And they know that I'm just learning
And that I thtill make thome mithtaketh
And that I still make some mistakes

Tho I thay a little pwayer
So I say a little prayer
('Coth God will underthtand)
('Cos God will understand)
And I thnuggle up to Daddy
And I snuggle up to Daddy
And I hold him by the hand
And I hold him by the hand
And we thit and laugh together
And we sit and laugh together
(Which maketh uth both feel gwand)
(Which makes us both feel grand)
And he helpth me to thay: "essss"
And he helps me to say: "S"
And: "Ssssally rrrran along the ssssand".
And: "Sally ran along the sand".

- Mark H (DelightInLight.com)

Note: This is one of a number of poems for Christian children that I have posted on this blog. If you want to see more of them, please have a look at this post: "Fun Poems for Kids"

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