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Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Snowman

This is one of the first poems I wrote a few years ago...
If you've a snowman as a friend,
Then I think you're around the bend.
I mean, please, tell me - what can be nice
About a friend whose made of ice?
He cannot run or jump or play,
And as for flying - yeah right - no way!
I think he would be quite lame
Compared to say - a computer game.

I beg your pardon? What's that you say?
There's snow outside? You sure? In May??
Well ok - alright, alright,
I come and join the snowball fight.
No wait! - Oh no, I say,
I wish we hadn't lost that sleigh!
I know, let's make a huge snowball,
With one on top to make it tall.
And - Oh! Hey! Look at that
It looks quite cool in that black hat!
Let's see: what else is there
That we can make our snowman wear?

Just then my mother called and said:
"It's nearly time to go to bed!"
But Mum, I said, it won't take long
For us to finish his sarong.
And surely you can't think it's fair
For us to leave him with no hair?

Now later, as I lay in bed,
I wriggled my toes, and coughed and said:
About the stuff I said before
(How snowman friends are quite a bore)
I think I should have held my tongue -
I must admit - he was great fun!
- Mark H (DelightInLight.com)

Note: This is one of a number of poems for Christian children that I have posted on this blog. If you want to see more of them, please have a look at this post: "Fun Poems for Kids"

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Claire said...

Hi there. My 8 year old daughter would love to recite this for her upcoming English Speaking Board exam - would this be ok with you Mark? We will print it out, with your name obviously, and provide the examiner with a laminated copy of it for the purposes of the exam. Just wanted to check you would be happy with that? My daughter's teacher loved the choice of poem!

Mark H said...

Yes, that's absolutely fine.
Please give her my best wishes for her exam and tell her that I hope it goes really well :)