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Sunday, March 16, 2008

If God Looked Through My Window

If God looked through my window
And watched me while I played,
Would He see me grumping
'Cos Johnny stole my spade?

If He saw me have a tantrum
Would He send me to the stairs?
If I fell and grazed my knee
Would He wipe away my tears?

If He saw me laughing
As I tickled puppy's tum,
Would He come on over
And join in all the fun?

Then, when the day was over
And I'd snuggled in my bed,
Would He reach His hand across
And gently stroke my head?

I don't know all about Him
But I really think He would -
I think He'd do these kinds of things
To help me to be good.

'Cos when I look at Mum and Dad
And see the things they do,
It helps me - just a little bit -
To see what God's like too.
- Mark H (DelightInLight.com)

Note: This is one of a number of poems for Christian children that I have posted on this blog. If you want to see more of them, please have a look at this post: "Fun Poems for Kids"

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Anonymous said...

I love this poem. I'm going to share it with the children at my church.

Mark H said...

Thanks - glad you like it :)

In some ways it's also a warning / encouragement to parents to remind us that we are really acting for God (sort of "in loco parentis") as we raise "our" (really His) children.

Thato Legwale said...

I also think that this is a beautiful poem. It says a lot not only to children but to parents as well. It spoke to me as a young adult. i will share it with my lady friend who is expecting a young one.

Mark H said...

Thanks Thato - hope your friend enjoys it :)

mulalo mulaudzi said...

well written and well done.This poem can draw not only kids near GOD but also adults.Congrats!

Mark H said...

Thanks for your kind comment - I would be delighted and humbled if I could play any small part in helping anyone draw nearer to God :)