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Monday, April 14, 2008

Seventy Times Seven

A rather long poem this time (based on Matt 18:21-35)...

If you have a friend who's done something to you
That's hurt or upset you or made you feel blue,
You may find deep inside you a little voice say:
"He hurt me first, so he's going to pay!
I'll get my revenge to just make him see
What happens to people who pick upon me!
I'll stick a dead frog right into his nose,
And pull out the toenails from each of his toes.
I'll pour lots of goo all over his head
And put slugs and snails into his bed.
I'll shave off his eyebrows and die his hair pink
And put creepy crawlies into his drink.
And that's just the start 'cos I'm telling you
There are many more things I know how to do.
When I have quite finished this miserable lout
Will always remember when I am about
To watch what he does - stay out of my way
Or he will regret it for many a day."

Now Pete the apostle once thought to himself
(To really be good and godly and stuff)
He'd maybe consider, the first time or two
Forgiving the guy - not following through.
He'd push out the boat, he'd go all the way:
"I'll forgive seven times! - But then he must pay."
Jesus was there, and He said "Listen, Pete,
Let me tell you a story - you may think it's neat."

"There lived long ago, in a land far away
A powerful king who sat down one day
And said to himself, 'I think that it's time
For people to pay what is rightfully mine.'
He called in his slaves and said to each one:
'I'm sorry old chap, but the time has now come
For you to pay back all the cash that you owe
So pop to the bank and bring back the dough.'
Now one of the slaves who came in that day
Had a very large debt to settle and pay.
The amount he owed was ten million or more
And just at the moment he was really quite poor.
He said, 'Sorry squire, but just at the mo'
I can't really pay you all that I owe.'
The king said 'Well then, here's what I'll do:
I'll sell your family, your possessions and you.
The money I get from the sale of you all
Will help to reduce this massive shortfall.'
The slave falling down said, 'I'll pay every dime
I'll do all you ask - please just give me time.'
The king looking down said, 'Now, there, there, there,
Stand up my good man, there's no need to fear,
To show my compassion, here's what I will do
I'll cancel the debt that I'm owed by you.'"

"As he left the king's castle his heart was so glad
But at the next moment he changed and got mad -
Right there was a man he'd been trying to find
Someone to whom he'd been thoughtful and kind:
He'd lent him some money - an amount not that small,
And so far he'd paid back: nothing at all!
He called out 'Hey! You over there!
You just turn 'round and come over here!
Where is my money? You come here and pay
Or I'll get the police to lock you away.'
The other said, 'Sorry, it's like this you see
Times have not been at all kind to me
So just at the moment I'm afraid I must say
I need some more time before I can pay.'
Slave One said, 'Forget it, I've had it with you;
You've had long enough, so here's what I'll do.
I'll have you locked up, and I'll keep the key
Until all my money is paid back to me.'"

"This terrible story got back to the king,
And he got his soldiers to bring Slave One in.
'You're wicked and mean!' He said to the slave,
'What you have done is exceedingly grave!
I showed you great kindness and forgave a huge debt,
You too should be kind to this guy that you met.'
And the king told the guards to take him away
And have him locked up until he could pay."

"So, Pete", said Jesus, "Try not to forget
That you too are a man who was burdened with debt.
So if you are not willing to forgive anyone
Who you think has hurt you by what he has done,
Then just like that king, My Father will say:
'If you won't forgive, then you must repay.'"

So next time when someone's done something to you
And that little voice says, "Here's what we'll do!"
Remember this story, and remember the king,
And remember how God forgives all your sin,
And say to that voice, "God's so kind to me,
I owe Him so much, but He lets me go free.
So how could I let such a small little thing
Make me forget the love of my King?!
I'll put it behind me - forget what he's done
And, instead, fill my mind with thoughts of God's Son."
For revenge is not sweet (as some people say)
It just makes things worse - day after day.
But kindness and love and doing what's right
Are much better ways to settle a fight.
- Mark H (DelightInLight.com)

Note: This is one of a number of poems for Christian children that I have posted on this blog. If you want to see more of them, please have a look at this post: "Fun Poems for Kids"

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