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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

On Psalm 23 and Being a Sheep

Based on Psalm 23 - "The Lord's My Shepherd"

I was reading one day a Psalm about sheep.
Now, to feed them and lead them and help them to sleep
There's a man called a shep... shep... something or other
Who kind of acts like their father and mother.

He protects them all night and guides them all day
He feeds them green grass and watches them play.
And then, when they're gasping with thirst from the heat
He finds sparkling streams with water so sweet;
And, Oh, how they love him and dance round his feet!

And when there is danger 'cos baddies are near
When strange, creepy noises ring out through the air
They gather round close and they don't need to fear
'Cos the strong, gentle shep-man is always right there.

So they pounce and they flounce and they bounce up and down
And they don't go out shopping or traipsing round town.
No - they bound all around - and to make a glad sound
They bleat from a mound or they pound on the ground
'Cos all that they need the shep's bound to have found.

And thinking of sheep with their good old shep-chappie,
I sometimes start wishing that I was that happy!
I wish that I too had a sheep-shep like that
To get all I need; lay enemies flat.

I think of these things, and I cry out in glee
Oh if I were a sheep what great things I could see
What great things I would have, what great things I could be...
... But then I remember that I'm simply just me.

At least that is what I always did say
Until something happened one glorious day:
My teacher was reading that very same psalm
And talking of how no harm should alarm,
When she just out and said this wonderful thing:
"The sheep David talks of is simply just him.
And just like a shepherd with sheep in his care
So God watches you - He's always right there."

I gasped at the thought that this message was true:
I'm that sheep! I'm that sheep! I'm that sheep through and through!
"All those wonderful things that those sheep get and do,"
I said to myself, "are, in fact, all for you!"

So now if you see someone bounding with glee
Instead of a sheep, it's probably me
Because the best shep that there ever could be
Has given me all that I need to be free,
And all that I need in work and in play
He lavishes on me day after day
And instead of that wishing you'll now hear me say
God is my shep-man - Hip, Hip, Horray!
- Mark H (DelightInLight.com)

Note: This is one of a number of poems for Christian children that I have posted on this blog. If you want to see more of them, please have a look at this post: "Fun Poems for Kids"

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Anonymous said...

ironically when the shepherd is applied as humanity, society and the things of this world and it's god who's the king of the air (and not king of kings) you are seen as a slave who doesnt care what the slave master does whether hurt you or forces you to rely on him for survival
yet when the shepherd is Christ this poem comes to mind.
very ironic

Anonymous said...

..I will share this with my class, am sure they will love it.

Mark H said...

Great - let me know what they think, and tell them I say "hi" :)