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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Open Sunday - "Take a Look"

Well, I've now got the video of the Open Sunday talk uploaded to Google Video - although I have now discovered that Google is going to stop allowing video uploads in a few months, so I'm going to have to explore other possibilities *sigh*!

Still - it should be around at least long enough for us to use it for the series of talks following the Open Sunday so that's something anyway.

Enough on that - here's the video: we haven't yet put it on the church website (crawleychurch.org.uk) - thought we'd use my blog as a guinea pig first...

By the way, apologies for the sound quality - this was just recorded with a camcorder off to one side of the hall (no fancy sound equipment, I'm afraid) - I think it's good enough though (assuming you can deal with my weird accent!).

Here's the handout from the day.

Hopefully I'll also bring you the follow-on talks as well over the coming weeks. The next one ("If the Bible is true, how could that be "Good News") has already been recorded and uploaded, so I should be able to post that one soon. But now I need to go and work on the preparation for the third on in the series which will be on the topic of "Can a rational person really believe in God / the Bible?".

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