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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Feeding the 5000 - Video

The feeding the five thousand video is now online on YouTube:

I hope you enjoy/enjoyed the video, and that you are encouraged to see if you can find ways to use your own gifts to serve God - even if your gifts seem "small" to you. Remember that a gift doesn't need to be something that people would consider special or unusual for God to use it.

If you enjoy colouring, you can download a printable Feeding the 5000 colouring page.

You can find the accounts of this even in the Bible in the following places: Matt 14:14-22, Mark 6:34-44, Luke 9:11-17 and John 6:1-13 - it would be great for you to look those up so you can read about it for yourself.


Unknown said...

Hey Mark, excellent video! I would like to use a few clips from it in our children's choir program as a background for the song "Self Less" (Musical is "Unselfie") would you mind? I will certainly give you credit in the program. it is probably about a minute of actual footage needed. No sales or commercialization will be done only ministry to children and families. Either way - WOW great video - I wish you were close by to give creative lessons!

Mark H said...

Hi Dane - Yes that's absolutely fine.

Hope it goes well - If possible, post a comment here with a link to your finished version - it would be great to see it :)