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Monday, May 04, 2009

A New Day

This is a poem that I wrote to go with a series of photos that I took for a photography competition - here's the poem - you can hear it read along with the photos in the video embedded below.

I ventured out at dawn's first light
Across the dewy green
Where lonely trees peer through the mist
And sleeping grasses dream.

The whispered breath of rippling waves
Sigh gently from the wake
Of one lone duck that glides where trees
Are mirrored on the lake.

Along the fringe of every reed
A million jewels of light
Watch shyly as the stirring world
Wakes softly from the night.

"Twill not be long till through our leaves,"
The silent branches say
"Will burst God's rays of sunshine's hope
To herald in the day."
- Mark H (DelightInLight.com)

Note: This is one of a number of poems that I have posted on this blog. If you want to see more of them, please have a look at this post: "Fun Poems for Kids"

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