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Friday, October 24, 2008

"There's Probably No God"

I was interested to read reports this week about an advertising campaign that is planned by a certain anti-religion movement for next year. What they are planning is to get large posters on London buses that read: "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."

What I find interesting about this is: why are they planning to include the word "probably"? If they are so sure that God doesn't exist why don't they just say: "There is no God. Now..."?

Is this a tacit admission that even those who oppose religion most vehemently can't actually prove that God doesn't exist? So even they have to concede that while, in their opinion, God "probably" doesn't exist, actually, there is a possibility that maybe He does exist.

Of course, if you have looked into the evidence yourself and concluded that you don't believe that God exists, then fine. Personally, I have concluded that He probably does exist.

But are you living with the belief that God doesn't exist without having really ever looked into it in any detail? -- If so, wouldn't it be a good idea to look into it in a bit more detail just so you can make up your mind for yourself? After all, even these campaigners seem to accept that there is at least a chance that He does exist, so it's surely worth at least considering that possibility?

If you are interested, I have put together a few posts on at least some of the reasons why I reached my conclusion - the post "You Believe That Stuff???" is the best place to start if you are interested.

The other interesting (or, possibly, sad) thing is the second part of their message - the reason that they don't want you to think about God: so you can "stop worrying and enjoy your life". What's sad about that is that not only do they disagree with me on whether God exists, but they also disagree on what life is like if you do choose to follow Him. They seem to be working from the assumption that following God means you are therefore going to have a miserable life. Well - maybe they should listen a bit more closely to what He says - their assumption doesn't exactly tally with His message - nor my experience...

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Lance Marchetti said...

Cool Mark, and the fact that Ariane Sherine wore clothes in the Atheist Bus Campaign ad, shows that.... 'There Probably IS a God, and she SHOULD be worried.'

We shoud think rationally as to why Ariane feels it necessary to wear clothing to hide her nakedness ...and so should all Atheists. (Irrespective of the weather, advertising and other such excuses).
This can only lead them to Genesis chapter 3 surely.? Cheers.