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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wake Up for a Treat

Two from Kathleen today:
The first one came after Kathleen came and gently woke me up after I had a rest during the day (I hadn't slept well last night). A little while later, I was thanking her for waking me nice and gently.
  • "Yes, I woke you gently, didn't I - I didn't say 'WOOO, WAKE UP'! They do that in some families, you know - I don't know how they cope!"

  • Kathleen: "Dad, what would you like as a treat?"
  • Dad (thinking): "Hmm - what would I like as a treat..."
  • Kathleen (rolling her eyes) - "I know, I know, good behaviour is also on my list, but what else would you like as a treat?!"
  • Later - after patiently waiting for me to write this: "Daddy, what do you want??"

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