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Monday, May 18, 2020

Adam & Eve, the Snake and the Fall - and what happened then because of it all...

Adam and Eve, the Snake and the Fall and what happened then because of it all...

It had been a lovely day;
It always was for them;
They’d walked and talked with God Himself,
Just like you would a friend.

And as they snuggled down to sleep,
You’d hear them softly say,
“It’s been so good to walk with God
In paradise today.”

You see, they lived in Eden,
A place of joy and love
All they needed everyday
Provided from above.

I wish that I could find the words
To tell you of that place;
Or walk with you among its trees
And watch your smiling face!

One morning as they went about
Another lovely day,
Just as she walked between some trees,
Eve heard a sly voice say:

“Say, my dear,
Stay, come near;
Speak a while with me;
Shall we chat
Of this and that
Here beneath this tree?”

“Oh,” said Eve, “Hello Snake,
How are you today?
There’s nowhere that I need to be,
So certainly I’ll stay.”

And so they spoke of this and that;
And then of that and this;
Until at last it got to where
That crafty snake could hiss:

“So it’s true –
Is it true?
This God you say is ‘kind’
Won’t let you eat
(However sweet)
Whatever fruit you find?”

“Oh no,” said Eve“He loves us so;
And really is so kind;
We can eat ’most any fruit –
’Most anything we find.

Surprisingly enough, in fact
This tree, in all the land
Is the only tree of all
That has a fruit he's banned

You see, He says that if we eat
The fruit from off this tree,
A fearful thing will come to pass –
For then we’ll die, you see.”

“This tree?
I see
How very interesting;
What neat
We’re seeing from this ‘King’!

You’ll die??
My my!
You’re sure that’s what He said?
No, no!
Not so!
You’d be like Him instead!

Oh dear!
No fear!
If you just eat one bite:
You’ll grow,
You’ll know,
The truth of wrong and right!”

“Um, well,” said Eve, “it does look good
I would quite like a taste;
It would, I s’pose, be rather sad
To let it go to waste!”

“In fact,” she said, “to know what’s good –
Well – can that be so bad?
Then I will be as wise as God –
That'll surely make Him glad!”

Her heart was full of butterflies;
She knew it wasn’t right;
But still she went and plucked the fruit;
But still she took a bite.

Now Adam could have intervened,
But though he was right there,
Not only did he not shout, “Stop!”
He also had a share!

But once they’d done that first wrong thing,
A strange new feeling came:
A sadness they had never known:
A sense of guilt and shame.

And as they drooped their heads down low.
All heavy with despair;
They noticed that they had no clothes;
They realised they were bare.

They quickly took some leaves to make
A sort of covering;
As if the presence of some clothes
Would wipe away their sin.

Then came a sound they knew so well:
The Lord God walking near;
But though they’d once have called in joy;
Today they hid in fear.

The breeze was stirring in the trees
As softly God walked on,
And then (as if He didn’t know)
He called, “Where have you gone?”

“We were afraid,” the man replied,
“When we heard You come through:
We’re naked and we have no clothes,
And so we hid from You.”

“You’re naked, hey, who told you that?”
He asked; “What did you do?
Did you eat fruit from off the tree
That I forbade you to?”

Then Adam cried, “It’s not my fault –
Please let me just explain:
This girl you made gave me the fruit;
So she's the one to blame!"

Indignantly Eve cried out “What!
You can’t go blaming me!
The snake tricked me and made me eat
The fruit from off the tree!”

And so the Lord turned to the snake
And grimly said to Him
That he’d be cursed from that day on
For causing them to sin.

But then He turned and said to Eve,
“Because you broke My ban,
You’ll suffer pain when you give birth;
You’ll argue with your man.

And, Adam, you will toil and sweat
You’ll struggle and you’ll groan;
And both of you will have to leave
This garden you’ve called ‘home’”

And so they had to leave that home,
That land of joy and peace;
Their time within that wondrous place
Forever had to cease.

And at the gate, with flaming sword
God placed some cherubim;
So no one ever could come back;
So no one could get in.

From that day on, creation’s been
In bondage to decay;
And all around there’s death and pain
Since Adam sinned that day.

But yet there’s hope, because, you see
It doesn’t end that way;
Another “Adam” came to Earth
To take our sins away.

That second “Adam” is our King;
Our Saviour, Christ the Lord;
That baby born in Bethlehem
Whom angels all adored.

For Jesus came in grace and love
And died in so much pain;
So now, though Adam’s sin brought death,
Through Christ, life comes again!

And one day when He calls me home,
When all my journey's done;
Because God’s love has set me free;
Because of God’s pure Son;

I too will live in paradise –
One better than before
I too will walk and talk with Him
Each day forevermore!

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