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Wednesday, March 08, 2023

The Hero of My Story

I was reminded today of a poem that I wrote a few years ago that was inspired by a series of sermons that was given at church:

I dream I'll be a hero,
I yearn for all to see
How wonderful I really am,
How awesome I can be!

I dream of strength like Samson's,
I long to teach like Paul,
So thousands come to hear me talk
And rally to my call!


If that's the me I long to be,
If that's the dream I have for me,
I wonder if I need to see
A truth to make me bend the knee...
The truth that's there to set me free.

It's not my strength that God requires
He's strong enough Himself.
He doesn't need my wise advice,
He doesn't need my wealth.
He doesn't need my preaching,
He doesn't need my songs,
He doesn't need my strategy
To rid the world of wrongs.

No - what He really wants from me
Is not that I would somehow be
The hero of my story,
But that I'd stop and turn and see
And understand His glory.

He doesn't need a hero
To fill His leading part.
(The casting for His central role
Was filled right from the start.)
He simply wants to pour His love
Into a humble heart.

He wants to take me by the hand
And guide me every day;
To shine a light along my path;
Illuminate my way.

He wants me to surrender;
To put aside my pride,
To place my hand into His hand
And let Him be my guide.

And if a famous speaker
Is what I'm called to be,
Or if it's flames and lions' dens
He has in store for me,
Or if I'm simply called to work
And serve Him quietly;
In all things may I humbly say
I'm here, dear Lord, send me.

For He's the one who knows the way
To show the world His glory.
And He's the one who really is
The hero of the story.

So if I want to truly see
The joy that He can bring to me,
And if I want to be set free,
A son loved for eternity,
Then I should daily let Him be
The hero of my story.