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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Two things

Two brief comments -

1) Again, I seem to have been silent for quite some time - this is partly because we have changed the meeting structure at the congregation where I meet, so we are not doing formal "sermons" any more (rather shorter contributions from more people - more in line with what's set out in 1 Cor 14) - as a result, we're not currently videoing anything. It's possible that we may move back to videoing the shorter bits and pieces at some point in which case I may be able to start uploading that kind of thing again. However, in the mean time, I should really be uploading other bits and pieces. Slap wrist!

2) There seems to be intermittent problems with Tangle, so the videos posted here don't always actually work. Hopefully this is something that they are dealing with!!

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