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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Catching Up With Kids Quotes

Here's some quotes from the kids that we've been noting down over the past couple of months but haven't got round to posting yet...
Me to Sinead: "How long have we been married - 12 years?"
Kathleen (aged 8) pipes up: "It seems longer than 12 years to me"

Kathleen (aged 8): "Reading Milly Molly Mandy is the joy of life."
Mum: "Hmmmm, not sure I've read that in the Bible!?"
Kathleen: "That's because they didn't have Milly Molly Mandy then."

Lucia (aged 3): "I'm a big girl now."
Mum: "Are you? How big?"
Lucia: "Small."

Dad, looking for something: "Does anyone know where..."
...finds it as he is asking and turns towards Lucia (age 3) and continues: "... this is?"
Lucia: "No - I'm not a mother!"

Lucia (aged 3) - out of the blue one morning: "Anyway, it's tomorrow"
Dad, confused: "What's tomorrow?"
Lucia: "Today" - pause - "Is it Daddy? I'm not really sure?"

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