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Friday, May 16, 2008

Welcome to Visitors From Google :)

I recently received a Google AdWords voucher in a magazine, so I decided to try setting up an account and using it to advertise this site a little.

Up to now, this blog has mainly been read by my family and friends, so if you are a new visitor who has come via Google: WELCOME!

I know that it's easy to convince people like my mother, wife and kids that this blog is really really interesting, but I suspect that you are somewhat less biased, so I hope you find something of interest too. If you do, I hope that you will come back in the future and that there will be something new that will continue to interest you.

May I also request, if you are willing, that you go ahead and use the "email this post" option (the little mail envelope icon at the end of each post) to send a link to someone else who you may know who you think would be interested in a particular poem or post. Since this site doesn't actually earn me any income, my advertising budget is pretty much limited to the value of the voucher I got, so if you could help me along I would greatly appreciate it! Don't go too overboard though - I don't want to end by being the source of piles of the dreaded spam - please only send the link to people you know well enough to be sure that they won't mind.

Thanks for stopping by and I pray that I have, in some small way, helped to brighten your day today :)

ps. If you came here via Google (or even if you didn't, for that matter), why not add a comment to this post to say "Hi" and let me know what you thought? I'd love to hear from you.

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