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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

When Time Was Still Very New

When time was still very new
And God hadn't yet turned on the sun
He somehow or other made light
He made it dazzling and bright
And He looked at the light in delight
'Cos His wonderful work was begun.

As He lovingly fashioned the sky
He raised up His voice to declare
That the water should part
And make way for the start
Of that great work of art
Of swirled up water and air

He gathered the water together
His voice formed it into the seas
And He gathered the land
All the rocks, mud and sand
And covered it all with a carpet so grand
Of beautiful flowers and trees.

He sprinkled the nighttime with stars
And lit up the silvery moon
And to light up the days
In glorious ways
He called out the rays
Of the sun shining brightly at noon

Then He filled up the oceans with fish
Strange creatures came forth from His words
And He filled up the skies
With abundant supplies
Of melodious cries
And the shimmering colours of birds.

On day six God created the beasts
That scamper and gallop and crawl.
Then at last He began
On His ultimate plan
By making a man
To cherish and love above all

I wish that I had been there
To see all these things get created
Yet when I see trees,
Hear birds on the breeze,
Taste honey from bees,
Watch foaming white seas,
See puppy chase leaves
I just feel so pleased
That His world with such ease
Even now makes me feel so elated.
- Mark H (DelightInLight.com)

Note: This is one of a number of poems for Christian children that I have posted on this blog. If you want to see more of them, please have a look at this post: "Fun Poems for Kids"

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Unknown said...

I read this to children at a Community Center. We are learning about Creation. They listened very intently and enjoyed this poem. God bless your gifts and talents.

Mark H said...

Great - glad to hear that :)
Thanks and God bless